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The Untold Secrets and Ultimate 2-in-1 Solution...

"Here's How I Finally Put an End to the SHAME and HUMILIATION of Not Being able to Satisfy any Woman in Bed Due to my Small PENIS SIZE and PREMATURE EJACULATION"

Dear Friend,

My name is DAVID MAWULI but my friends call me DAVID HARDING and I will like to tell you;

"My Life True Story" --- and the 2 simple solutions that have not only helped me, but have also put smiles on my friends face. (Including the reason why they call me DAVID HARDING instead of DAVID MAWULI)

3 Years ago, I have two problem (Small penis and quick ejaculation) which almost lead me to commit suicide in 2013. I can remember vividly, 21st of January 2013 at Nkwanta (Volta region - my home town), i was humilated by a young lady called Candy because i couldn't meet up to her expection. That night we were on bed together romancing each other in other to have sex but something crazy happened --- I started releasing before penetrating, it was a very embarassing moment that the only thing i could think of is SUICIDE.

Why Suicide?

I felt like an "incomplete man" for years. I find it hard talking to ladies because of my past experiences. What is the point of wooing a lady when you know you won't be able to satisfy her in bed.

In short, I stop dating, because I don't want to be insulted by any woman again

My Breathrough

You see, I continued struggling with these 2 big sexual problems, until one day (12th of Feb., 2016), I came in contact with Dr. Henry (a sexual health specialist doctor) that arrived from the United States during a workshop organized by the company I worked for in Nkwanta (Volta Region).

After the workshop, I exchanged contacts with the doctor privately and we got talking.

So during a friendly chat one day, I told him my problems, the frustrations and embarrassment that I suffered because of my condition of having a small penis and not being able to perform in bed.

He smiled at me and told me he knew the solutions to my problem.

He introduced me to a 2-in-1 PROVEN/NO-SIDE-EFFECT Solutions that helps increases the size of my penis which was imported from USA. Also also a solution to lasting longer during sex.


He gave me access to the ecommerce website where I could order for a penis enlargement device at $97 (that is around, GHC388) and also pay an additional GHC100 for shipping through DHL (and I got it delivered to me after 5 days).

As soon as the device arrived, I began to use it...

Within the first 2 weeks of using it, I was surprised at the results I got.

I noticed that my small penis which was 3.7inches before has increased to 5.5 inches... in just 2 weeks!

Here's the simple device that helped me increase the size of my penis"

I continued using the penis enlargement device and after a few more weeks, I noticed my penis size has increased again from 5.5 inches to 6.3 inches.

And right now, it's up to 7.3 inches in length and the width is much fatter.

It was this my 7.3 inches PENIS that i showed my friends in April 2016, makes them give me the nickname "DAVID HARDING".

As you can see it above, the name of the device is Handsome Up and i bought it from a store in USA for GHC488 in February.

If your penis is not big enough, you can use this magical device to increase it within two to four weeks and your penis will increase to 7.3inch like mine.


This patented device is invented by Mr. An Chuan Wu. a well educated and established inventor in the medical field and the winner of the Golden Brain Award 1977. it will give you incredible effects after a short period of use. This why HANDSOME UP Penis Enlargement PUMP has been winning widespread praise in medical circles and from people in all walks of life ever since it was first made available.

HANDSOME UP Penis Enlargement PUMP makes up for your inferior function (if any) and will ensure you of a happy and rewarding sex life.

HANDSOME UP Penis Enlargement PUMP is an internationally patented health strengthening device based on physiological principles. it was developed after years of research and clinical testing. Since its introduction, it has been wodely acclaimed in medical circles as the safest and most effective way to solve underdevelopment of the genital area and degenrating sexual capability.


By use of an exercise method that alternatively expands and relaxes the male organ, HANDSOME UP Penis Enlargement PUMP directly stumulates the cell tissue of the male genital area. thereby increasing the body's own secretion of homones. Such genital exercise also helps to improve the body's blood circulation and general metabolism. With regular daily use(r.d.u) the erectile tissue is enable to grow rapidly, thereby activating one's sexual energy.

Use of HANDSOME UP Penis Enlargement PUMP therefore effectively arrest the aging process, improve one's health and ensure a HAPPIER SEX LIFE.

Design and Purpose

HANDSOME UP Penis Enlargement PUMP was designed to treat undersized sexual organs, premature ejaculation and impotence in men. It can also prevent genital aging and shrinkage and eliminate malfunction during what doctors now call "THE MASCULINE CHANGES OF LIFE"

Remarkable Features:

PATENTED in 4 Countries ***USA 4029 088*** UK 984216*** JAPAN 021145*** GERMANY 7822298 ***


To use the devive, you need to place your penis in the cylinder and pump the air out using the bulb. Do it regularly, 5 times a week, 10-15 minutes in a row.

Make sure to follow the instructions in the manual that comes with the Handsome Up pump and don’t create too much pressure at once.

This Video Shows What This "Award Winning PENIS Enlargement Device" Looks Like, We have successfully import the powerful device to Ghana. Please Watch the VIDEO

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The 2nd Solution

(30 Capsules)

It's a Premature Ejaculation Killer also known as REVIVE. it is the main solution that took me from lasting just 1 - 3 minutes to lasting for up to 40 minutes in bed... and even still get hard erections for more rounds of sex.

REVIVE is made of a pure herbal ingredients produced to boost male sexual performance.

And the reason REVIVE helps improve sexual performance tremendously is because it does a couple of unique things...

The very first day I made use of Revive, I lasted for up to 20minutes before releasing. I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!

NO MATTER YOUR CONDITION OR AGE--- You can charge your sexual life with just 2 capsules of REVIVE as a dose twice in a week or (in serious cases) especially people suffering from diabetes or on HBP drugs 4 capsules once a week. The action of REVIVE starts within 3 or 4 hours and stay active in your body.

You do not use REVIVE every time you need to have sex, with 2 capsules of REVIVE as a dose twice in a week, you will be able to gain hard lasting erection whenever you desire to have sex no matter how frequent.

REVIVE is very safe to use, even on short term basis. You gain erection when you are ready to have sex, no matter how frequent it is. You are naturally and sexually active.

Due to the efficacy of REVIVE in Nigeria. NAFDAC (National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control) put their trust on it and it is approved by them and it was also aproved for Global consumption In Asia and other part of the world

FDB/FS. 123-10125

As a matter of fact, to show you how so sure we are with this solution, if you don't start seeing results in 24 hours, I'll refund your money.

REVIVE changed my sex life completely...

I'm a real man now with a large penis and also able to last for up to 45 minutes during sex with any woman, and go for more than 4 rounds of sex, no matter how hot or sexy or pretty or good looking she is.

Thank God for this 2 in 1 solution (the penis enlargement device and premature ejaculation breakthrough, Revive).

This Video Shows What This "Outstanding" Premature Ejaculation Solution Looks Like. Please Watch the VIDEO

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Right now, it's your turn to use the 2-in-1 solution to start lasting longer in bed and increase your penis size.

So, How can You Get the PENIS ENLARGEMENT DEVICE and Premature Ejaculation Killer, REVIVE Now... and at What Price?

GHC488 + GHC470? (I don't think so)

After my sex life change completely using the 2-in-1 Solutions Recommended by Dr. henry, I vouched that I will do Every thing possible to get this same solution into the hands of any man that is in dire need of it.

I must be honest with you, lots of men will be willing and happy to get this 2-in-1 Solution, But one thing I have in mind is that, not everybody can really afford this price. (Almost GHC1,000, although the price is nothing compare to the humiliation i faced during my trial years)

In other to beat down the GHC488/penis enlargement device price + GHC450/Revive Capsules for an average Ghanaian man, I realize that I need to get in touch with the manufacturer of this SOLUTIONS/PRODUCTS and that is how i got linked with 3LINE HEALTHCARE CONSULTING Business manager/Founder who helped in contacting the manufacturers directly. After few days of conversation, we were able to strike a deal. (Big thanks to this young man who run a health & beauty Marketing firm here in Ghana.)

I know that you are eager to pay for this handsome up PENIS ENLARGMENR DEVICE and premature Ejaculation killer (REVIVE)